Spring is almost upon us, and as the temperatures rise and flowers start to bloom, so do the fleas and ticks that can be a nuisance to your pets.   These nasty critters not only cause your pet to itch but can lead to other health issues. All that scratching can lead to missing fur and skin lesions.   Some fleas also transmit tapeworms or Lyme Disease. Luckily, these things are usually treated pretty easily but can make your pet quite uncomfortable in the interim. 

Mosquitos are another common pest and can transmit heartworm disease.  This condition is a bit harder to treat and can become a serious health threat if not caught early.  

Luckily, there is a simple way to keep your pets safe from these critters year-round.  Give us a call today and talk to our team about flea and tick and heartworm protection.  A vet visit now can help keep your pet safe all season so you can get out and enjoy your spring and summer.