Simplifying Everything

We started Williamsburg Veterinary Clinic because we were frustrated about how complicated the whole experience of a veterinary visit was. We believe it can be radically simplified, and that this will have tremendous benefits for both you and your pet. From the way you schedule appointments, to the way we check you in, to how transparent the process is, and everything in between – we aim to show you a revolutionary step in veterinary medicine.

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Great visit with my Burmese cat Pickle. Staff were kind and attentive which put us both at ease.


Dr. Gina Rendon is #1!! She has treated my tuxedo cat Marlena and my puppy Milo and I was so grateful for her expertise every time. She is whip smart, compassionate, understanding, and has a very relaxed manner.



Wellness Examinations
Puppy & Kitten Care
Pain Management
Dental Care

Office Hours

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